Welcome to Purple City!

There was a time when building a business meant, literally, building a brick and mortar store, which would be the pride of the enterprise. Today, you can build a business, with a few clicks. Here at Purpleocity, we’re here to help you understand how to get the best website for your business.

Your Virtual Storefront

In the internet age, websites are driving business enterprises forward, while encouraging up and coming ventures. All you have to do is register your domain name, and start building your site. There are plenty of helpful website building programmes that can help you get started; right from dressing up your virtual storefront in an elegant, sophisticated design, to providing you the tools to expand your business. Or you can hire a web designer to do it all for, but then the costs will start to mount up.

Start Up Your Business in Minutes

If you have an idea for a new business, then you just need to decide on a name, register, make the necessary payment and get cracking on the design and template. Now we understand that many of you may not be comfortable with how a professional website should look and feel like. You do not have to worry at all. Companies, such as WordPress, have a standard set of templates you can begin with; kind of filling the empty spaces. Once you have filled in the content, you are up and ready to showcase your business idea to the world.

Budget, Budget, Budget

We’re here to help with tips on how to stick to your budget, how to use sites like WordPress to build your own site, and plenty of information on the best colours, fonts and layouts to make your new website stand out from the crowd.