Bring sunlight into the office

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Everyone knows that the window seat is the best seat in the office (closely followed by the one next to the coffee machine).Studies have shown that office workers who sit next to the window are happier and enjoy a better night’s sleep than those who don’t. Exposure to natural light increases productivity, improves creative thinking and leads to a better sense of general wellbeing.The benefits to members of staff and the organisation as a whole are undeniable. But let’s face it, it isn’t possible to allocate a window seat to every member of staff. So what can you do?Parens Solar Lighting may have the answer. Using innovative technology, Parens capture natural sunlight and distribute it through buildings of up to 30 floors.Intelligent collectors on the roof follow the sun to capture natural light. The light is carried throughout the building by fibre optic cables, maintaining a high level of light quality. The light can be distributed in 3 different ways, allowing you – the customer – to create the mood that’s right for your business.Choose between Point Light, Ceiling Light and Wall Light. Point Light distributes the sunlight over a large surface, perhaps an open plan office or reception space. Ceiling Light spreads the sunlight over a ceiling, giving the impression of a skylight, And Wall Light distributes the light over a wall, in a similar way to a waterfall.Of course some areas in the building will already get natural sunlight from windows. The Parens system will balance this with the light from the fibre optic cables to create a pleasing effect.For a healthier and happier workforce, contact Parens today and allow them to transform your workplace.

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