How to reside in the EU casino capital: Malta

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The Malta IIP or Individual Investor Programme was introduced in 2014 and offers wealthy families and individuals citizenship in a highly respected nation that is a member of the EU. To be eligible for the scheme the main applicant must be 18 or older and meet the requirements listed below:

Fit and proper test

Applicants will not be accepted if they have a criminal record. They must also submit a police certificate from their country of residence in order to be approved.

Health status

To be accepted into Malta’s citizenship via investment program, applicants have to prove that they don’t suffer from a contagious disease. They also have to provide proof that they have an international health insurance policy.

Financial contribution

Applicants and their families have to make a non-refundable contribution to Malta’s National Development and Social Fund which finances projects related to education, health, social improvement, job creation, and innovation. Amounts are: Main applicant €50,000; spouse €25,000; dependent parents & grandparents €50,000 each; unmarried children between 18 and 26 €50,000 each and minor children €25,000 each.

Property purchase or rental

Applicants have to buy a property for at least €350,000, or rent one for a yearly rent of €16,000 or more for a period of at least five years.

Bonds investment

Applicants also have to invest no less than €150,000 in financial instruments approved by the government, e.g. stocks, bonds and debentures that benefit the country, and commit to maintain these investments for 5 years or longer.

Residence requirement

Once an approved candidate has bought property or signed a property lease, they will be issued a Malta ID document known as an eResidence card. This is the official start of their residency and also shows his or her genuine link with that country.One year after a candidate has established residency in the country they will be granted citizenship. At that stage they qualify for a Malta passport.

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