How to Create an Online Game

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Come Up With an Idea

The most important thing when creating a game is determining what genre your game will fall under, whether Action, strategy or adventure. The genre will help you decide the complexity of the game. Next, get yourself a game design-book and write down a basic description of your game and give it a good outline.

Get Inspiration

After you identify the type of game you want to create, go out on your computer and play some similar games. Playing different games will open up your mind to all the possible dimensions that your game can have. Since you are creating online games, you can sample games like ManagerZone and get some extra inspiration.

Design the Game

This is the most critical part of the game creation process. This is the point where you bring your creation to life by sketching scenes and creating basic characters, themes and interfaces. You will need:

  • Some knowledge in coding
  • Some experience in using design programs like Stencyl or Flash builder


Testing is essential because it enables you to work out all the bugs and enhance the basic layout of the game. Have friends who can come the over and play the beta version of the game and ask them for areas of improvements. In this process you will realise that you will be stripping your game down each time, and at the end of this process, you will find that your game looks nothing like how you had envisioned it. When you’ve worked out all the bugs, invite a group of strangers to play your game so that you get an honest opinion. At this point, you should be ready for harsh critics.

Launch the Game

After you’ve tested out your game and you believe it’s ready, then you can decide whether you will host the game on your own servers or publish it to be hosted by another entity.

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