Creating a name as a game developer

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Online games have formed a huge chunk of the games that people engage in and this trend is bound to continue. Nothing gives your game more identity than its name. Gamers will use it to refer each other to it, while gaming platforms will use it on its display.

A game’s name will influence its success rate once it is released. It gives a potential buyer a feel of what the game is all about and will determine whether they will give it much thought or look at the other available options instead. Here is what you need to know about creating the right name for your game.

Choose a unique name

Find out games that have names similar to what you intend to pick on. Be willing to change your mind if you discover that your choice has already been used just like NetENT recently did. A good name should allow clients to easily access your game when they search for it. Using strong keywords will inevitably enhance the search optimisation of your game.

Use subtitles

Consider adding a relevant subtitle if the name is very common. This will increase the distinctiveness of your game. Call of duty: Black ops is a good example of this technique. The developers of the game added the black ops subtitle that alluded to the black operations that the game was all about providing clarity to the gamers.

Keep it simple

A name that can easily be remembered is an ideal choice for any game. Its spelling and pronunciation should also be simple. Then players can effortlessly search for it and get content on it. This should not keep you from choosing a bold word. It may encourage a player’s curiosity and put your game in the limelight.

Make it short

Three or four words should be enough for any game title. This ensures that you don’t bombard gamers with long sentences while giving the description of the game adequately.

Educate yourself enough on developing names for particular games and you could provide this service to numerous developers around the world.

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